Design Motivations

The severity of cardiovascular disease is beyond imagination, with over 290 million patients reported in the year of 2014 in China alone. The resource of public health care is so limited to cater for every patient. If not under huge hazard, most of them will still go to work and not be able to monitor heart conditions on a day-to-day basis. This situation motivates us to look into a mobile-based solution that could help people take better care of their heart conditions.

Product Idea

We name the product PocketHearty in the wish that it will become a portable companion to care for the user’s heart.

Concept Sketch

System Design

Design Highlights
#1 Personalizaiton

The result of a traditional ECG test contains a lot of information that are hard to interpret by ordinary people. Besides, only professionals could give reasonable diagnoses according to other essential factors, such as the patient’s age and gender.

To present results in a more personalized and straightforward way, we introduced 2 new indexes: heart age and tiredness. Though the two are not strictly medical indexes, they are based on scientific algorithms to show the relative health condition of users. In order to make the results even more explicit, we offer A to E levels in addition to simple values. According to the level, our system will give further health tips to help users understand the condition of their health and how to care for them selves.

#2 Connection

We understand that family members and doctors will be concerned about every test result of the patients. Through competitive analysis, we found that many similar apps enable primary users to send information via SNS or emails. However, this approach is not so efficient since it still requires tedious operations and often ignored by primary users.

Thus we provide a special version, specially designed for family members and doctors. Having been authorized by primary users, they could check the test history of patient users and get informed of any situation in no time.

Low-fi Prototype
UI design and Interaction Flow

This graph is made of screen shots from the completed iOS app

Final Product Display